Pricing & Rates

I'm happy to talk about a starter project with you, to see how I can help improve your website, organization, and user experience!

An initial 30 minute consultation call is free. Please contact me—tell me where you need help!

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My rates are flexible, depending on how much time you commit to per week. An open contract with no commitment uses the highest rate. My standard rate schedule is:

  • $120 per hour for no defined hours per week
  • $110 per hour for 4–10 hours per week
  • $100 per hour for 11–20 hours per week
  • $90 per hour for 21–40 hours per week

Rates are subject to change in new agreements. Rates and discounts are negotiable based on the nature of the work.

How much time do things take? I want you to be happy with your investment. Let's talk to understand where we can start. I will provide a plan with estimated work, which we can mold to your needs and budget.