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I have a background in website development for over 20 years. My passions include information architecture, human-centered design, content strategy, Agile development, growth-driven design, and selling open source software solutions.

I am active participant in the Drupal and UX communities. In my career, I help with technical leadership, sales engineering, human-centered design, and digital strategy for websites and web applications.

My Professional Background

My Why

The well-being of humans and nature are most important to me. My goal is to make a difference by helping others who share and carry these values.

I like to help people, either directly or indirectly. As a digital consultant, I can help people use technology to improve their organization and help others. I like to help people with philanthropic causes and small to large businesses.

I can help you connect with your website audience, understand how your technology can serve you, and plan improvements that add greater value for your technology costs.

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