Mango, Peach, and Cherry Margarita

We had a lot of fresh fruit, so we wanted to make a massive and refreshing drink for a hot summer day.  This is based on this Mango Margarita.

4 servings

Slices 4 limes, saving a lime wheel from each for garnish.

Add to a blender 4oz fresh lime juice.

Add 12 fresh, pitted cherries.

Add 1 mango, sliced, skinned, and pitted.

Add 1 peach, sliced and pitted.

Add 3oz agave nectar.

Add 8oz tequila (optionally substitute 1oz with mezcal for a more smokey flavor).

Add 2 cups of ice.

Blend to puree until smooth.

Pour evenly into 4 highball glasses.

Garnish with a lime wheel/slice.