Gin Appletini

I'm no vodka fan and schnapps is sickeningly sweet, so here's my take on an appletini.

1 serving

Prepare an "appletini spice" by mixing 1 pinch of clove; 1 pinch of nutmeg; 4 pinches of cinnamon; 12 pinches of turbinado sugar; and mix well. 

Slice a thin cross-section (horizontal) of apple and set aside (leave apple assembled to avoid oxidizing while preparing the rest).

Add ice to a shaker.

Add 1oz apple cider.

Add 1oz honey simple syrup.

Add 2 dashes of old-fashioned bitters.

Add 0.5oz brandy or cognac.

Add 2oz gin.

Stir for 60sec and let rest for 60sec (to chill).

Strain into a martini glass.

Float the apple slice on top of the cocktail.

Lightly sprinkle the "appletini spice" on top of the apple slice.